3 Reel Online Slots Games Malaysia Versus 5 Reel Slots

Online slots games Malaysia classify their slot games as Classic or 3 reel slots and Video or 5 reel slots. The separation is more than that of the number of reels shown.  When the land based slot machine was created over a hundred years ago it had 3 reels. There is a reproduction that has spent their youth playing on the 3 reel slots in casinos, in shopping mall and in pubs. That reproduction regards the days of its youth as the good old days and desires to keep those times to the extent possible. So that, this older generation elect to play on the 3 reel slots. The 5 reel slots are a product of computer technology and Online slots games Malaysia. They are the options of a younger generation that is attuned to wanting more. In Online slots games Malaysia, the additional two reels result in a phenomenally large number of possible combos. This allows for more paylines, more winning combos, more payouts and more symbols on the reels. In the 3 reel slots the tendency was more for the one size to fit all requirements. There was little variety in the finer mechanics of the game. Because of the elements listed earlier 5 reel slots offer a larger number of permutations and combos and therefore can be designed for different playing temperaments. For instant on the one hand there are slots in which the related numbers of each symbol have been so designed as to give particular combos only one in a million chance of occurring. This allows for the limited million dollar payouts. On the other hand 5 reel slots can be designed to give fewer but somewhat more frequent payouts. Also the greater number of possible combos in 5 reel slots allow for the introduction on collective bonus rounds. Because of these the 5 reel slots are becoming more famous and online gambling Malaysia are slowly phasing out the 3 reel slots. No matter 3 reel or 5 reel, whether online or offline, slots have evolved more than any other Online slots games Malaysia game. The expansion of slots is if anything on the rise. Today the expansion is taking place on two fronts. One is that of sensory experience. This is being done through better graphics design and the fusion of music and other audio features into the slots. All of these are being done by animating the symbols on the reels. The second expansion is appearing through the features involved in the slot games. Wild symbols have become an essential part of slots. But today the wild symbols are evolving. For example there are stacked wilds in which all the symbols in the reels incorporating the initial wild symbols become wild symbols. The bonus games are also evolving. Instead of being simply “pick an object” type of games they are incorporating some player skill and multi-level features.


With Malaysia online casino, earning money has never been so easy

With Malaysia online casino, earning money has never been so easy for people gambling

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Malaysia online casino is one of the gaming combinations that played the most until by the time. Coming Malaysia online casino, not only players can relax, but they also can earn extra income. Almost slot games of Malaysia online casino are very easy to play and the way to play is very simple, so players can earn money easily.


This is a combination of diverse games with more than 300 different games allow player to freely select. When you click any game, you will see the Fun Play option, this option allow you to try instant play without money and of course, when you do not spend money playing, there are no risks involved. After you try instant play, if you feel interested in any game, you can find out more information about this game like general descriptions, how to work, how to play or notes, tips to win, etc. Even when you really understand this game, you can wager a little money to see if playing free different from playing with real money. You should bet a little in several times. Why? You should remember that not all slots as well as not all rounds operate under a similar cycle, so you need to play free several times to get more and more knowledge about all the ways of operating of this game. Then you can bet with a higher amount.

If you want to earn a lot of money, play the max on progressives. Most slots of Malaysia online casino nowadays allow players to put more than one coin in each spin. It means you can win the most as well as your ability of winning progressive jackpot is higher. You should know that these jackpots can be huge, so try your best if you do not want to be shut out of your opportunity of winning. One more thing I have to say that keep your eyes pay attention to any bonuses. Try your best to gain these bonuses and take the best advantage of them for chance of winning in the next levels to get bigger prizes.

But before you choose the game of Malaysia online casino that suits you, you need to select a good site which provided this game. A site is called good site even when it meets the following criteria. At first, it must have full licenses. This is the condition to ensure they do not mislead players. The second, this site must have a clear and quick working process and easy to understand especially about establishing bank account. The third, this site has the great customer care service to ensure any your questions will be answer fastest and exactly. To know a site is good or not, you can consult your friends or reviews of other players.

With only simple steps, you can join, relax and earn money by playing Malaysia online casino. So, what are you waiting for, start right now!

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Review of Highway King slot free download

Summary: Read on this review to get a general view on Highway King slot free download and then find the way to play for good.

In case that you are fond of cars, maybe your first impression about the Highway King slot free download will be pretty poor. The reason for that may be that when you see this slot game’s theme is Truck, and its symbols are all things related to engine, and there are not any whistles or bells. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when the paytable is just half a page. In this article, I decide to make a review of this slot game in a fair way.

When you view the Highway King slot free download, it is a 5 reel and 9 payline video slot game. All of its reel symbols are relied on Truck; thus, you will have a chance to see some things such as Spark Plugs, Steering Wheels, Pistons and so much more. And of course, there are a couple of real Trucks as well.

The Highway King slot free download is similar to some of other online gambling games. In fact, most of the slot games fall into one form, and only the bonus features and the graphics make them different. Thus, Highway King slot free download not only is a basic slot game you can play online for free, but it also is a weird slot game you can download and play whenever you want.

You play Highway King slot free download according to the way you would do with other slot games. At first, you select the line number you want to play and the money amounts you want to bet per line. Then, you click on the “Spin” button and try to match as many symbols as possible running from left to right on your reels.

Well, we look at the paytable together. The Highway King slot free download will show your winning as being your total hit number on a winning line. When you firstly play this slot, you can be confused to its meanings. It means that you do not need to get the symbols that run from left to right on the winning line.

And now you look at the Highway King slot free download’s screen shot. You can see 3 pistons getting markers around them. It is called the Win. You do not need to have the matching symbols running from left to right. There are 2 win lines at all in this screen shot. For the first time I have played it, it is on win line 7. The other wins in the screen shot are two petrol cans on line 7. It is possible to earn 2 wins on a win line, and I cannot decide whether it is really great or really confusing.

Besides, there are some other symbols in Highway King slot free download that will bring you the winning too. The first one I would like to introduce is the Exhaust Pipe symbol. It may be somewhere on the reel, and you will be awarded between 2x and 100x your line bet. The other one is Red Truck symbol. It acts as a Wild symbol and pays out according to its own right.


Did you know Jack Hammer 2 Slot Game Online?

The well-known slot game great blue is always best to pick and try by the beginners and any slot addicted players. By which the game has been designed with a massive payout, fantastic background graphic and of course undeniable special features throughout the gameplay. This might be the reason why slot game great blue is the favorite online casino game for any ages, sexes all over the world. Nevertheless, if slot game great blue is somehow frequently played, why don’t you try the new option of fun-filled game like this Jack Hammer 2 slot game online?

  • How to start playing Jack Hammer 2 Slot game online: One of the good game’s creation by Net Entertainment is also needed to count for Jack Hammer 2 in the list as the game has come up with 99 paylines with 5 modern reels to empower the player more winning chances through the gameplay. By which the player can get start to play game by placing the bet at the lowest of USD 0.01 up to USD 0.50 for coin around. Meanwhile, the player would need to place at the total of 10 coins for each bet line. Under the condition of lowest bet of USD 0.50 and highest bet of USD 250 for each single spin. By the way, the player should bear in mind that the low paying symbols would be comprised of boat, gun case, dock, crab, fish and microphone.
  • Which special bonus features to be tried: During playing this Jack Hammer 2 slot game, the player would be enjoyed with special bonus features that come out through the gameplay. By which the scatter symbol has been represented by the electric fish and once the player got 5 or more scatter icons in hand, then he or she would be rewarded with 10 free spins. On the other hand, if the player can obtain more like 6 icons, then he or she will be provided another 13 free spins for more winning chances. Moreover, the highest of 20 free spins plus 2 multipliers would be given to the player who can gather 8 or more scatter symbols in the gameplay. And it might be you.
  • How large the jackpot in Jack Hammer Slot is: For this fantastic Jack Hammer 2 Slot game, the player would be enjoyed with 250,000 coins up to the biggest one of 990,00 coins once he or she can play with the highest bet then, the jackpot prize is not beyond to capture.

On top of that it could not deny that the Jack Hammer 2 slot game online is equipped with much more paylines that enable the player to get closer to bigger jackpot right away just like the previous big bonus in the traditional slot game at land-based casinos. And if any players would like to enjoy with unlimited of fun, larger real money cash and new gambling experience, here is a time to try on this Jack Hammer 2 and you will definitely love playing them.

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3 Things You Should Know before start gambling in Monkey Thunderbolt

If you are new to playing online casino games, it is advised to start trying on Monkey Thunderbolt online which is fun, low bet to place and high attractive in jackpot prize. Basically, this underwater themed slot game has equipped with 5 reels and in total of 25 paylines to enjoy fun-filled. By which the player would be able to start playing with the lowest bet of 1 penny up to 5 pounds but being able to obtain a large jackpot prize up to 10,000 coins if he or she can beat the game online. If you are the one who want to try this challenging of fun and big bonus, here is the map to play and level up your rewards throughout the Monkey Thunderbolt.

  • Getting to Know the value of Wild and Scatter Symbol: Apart of aqua symbols like seahorse, oyster shell, turtle, tropical fish and starfish will enhance the winning possibilities in this slot gameplay. The player would be able to get closer to jackpot prize if he or she can capture the wild and scatter symbols which would be shown up on the game screen for 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times. By which the scatter symbols shall include the pearl and oyster shells to be multiplied 500 times of coin. On the other hand, the wild symbol shall be referred to whale which would then multiply the player’s bet in 2 or some particular numbers. On top of that once the player get 3 shell and pearl symbols, he or she would deserve free spins and surely the possibility to increase the number of free spin as well.
  • Learning how to choose the wager denomination as desired: The player can select the wager denomination by just click to change button which is regularly located on the left hand corner of the game window. On the other hand, the Line bet would be added by each time the player clicked on. live casino Malaysia
  • Start to activate payline and Bet Max: Remember that the payline would be selected once the player has clicked on the lines. To active a payline, the player needs to click on them first. For example, if the player has chosen to activate payline 6, they would automatically be activated for the payline number 1 through 5 as well. Then, the player can click on the bet max in order to activate every selected paylines with the highest bet per line and enjoy to spin the reels.

Normally, the player can accessto see his or her wins through the information page. For instance, the Line win would be the result of line bet to be multiplied by the paytable while the scatter win would be the outcome of total bet multiplying by the paytable itself. Nevertheless, the player can also view his or her payline wins as well as the total wins from the screen on the game window or at the bottom of the reel. If you get ready, the click to start the journey in the Monkey Thunderbolt underwater themed to earn more prizes in return.


Card And Table Games In Online Casino

Card And Table Games In Online Casino

As players wager at online casino Malaysia they will understand the intricacies of online wagering. No matters what about that, players of online casino Malaysia should have a basic idea of what to expect otherwise they will handle aimlessly without enjoying the experience.

The leading products that online casino Malaysia offer is the games. Knowledge of the range of games on offer will help the new player of online casino Malaysia in choosing the game appropriate to his requirements. Online casino Malaysia arranges the games into groups so as to make navigation easier. Online casino Malaysia does not follow the same system but the following classification is most common. The groups are table games, video poker games and slot games. Table games are those games that are played on tables in land casinos, where the video poker and slots are played on computer screens. Table games are sometimes further split as card games and table games. The most common card games are blackjack and baccarat. Both these games have low house edges and therefore ideal for new player. Baccarat is the simpler game but requires no skill. The blackjack rules are a bit more complicated but the outcome of the game depends to some amount on player skill. This makes blackjack more interesting. Thus new players would do well to naturalize themselves with blackjack before dealing into online casino Malaysia. There are some demos and tutorials can pratice on the Internet and the player can exercise the play for free option at online casino Malaysia till he gets confidence.

The other card games are poker based. Some of them are Tri Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Let It Ride. In these games the players never play against each other as in poker, but each player plays solo against the dealer as in blackjack. These games are assigned to as casino poker games because poker hand rankings are used to decide which hand is better. New players of online casino Malaysia can leave these games for later. The main table games are roulette and craps. Roulette is the most famous land casino game and though it has more house edge than blackjack it is favored by many for its glamour value. Roulette is a simple game and lacks no skill and should be the first choice in table games. If different kinds of forms of roulette are offered the first choice should be French roulette, the second choice should be European roulette and the last choice should be American roulette. Craps is filled with sucker bets and beginners should not venture into this game unless they can comprehend between the good bets and the sucker bets. Keno is another usually played table game. Yet, classify it in Other Games or Specialty Games.

RTG Roaring Twenties Bingo

It is ambiguous about how the name Roaring Twenties Bingo is linked to the game, but in the end analysis that is not very relevant. Roaring Twenties Bingo is an online casino Malaysia game from the software provider Realtime Gaming (RTG). It is not only a game played at bingo halls where players done to finish the patterns first. In online casino Malaysia, Roaring Twenties Bingo is a game represent for the serious no frills player. The player can play with hundred cards in one draw and can set the auto play to 100 draws. This cause to a whopping 10,000 cards without manual mediation. All 100 cards cannot be shown on the screen at the same time. Four cards are shown in large size and six cards at a time in smaller size. To see more than ten cards the streamer up or down arrows need to be used. Online casino Malaysia bingo games offer features like changing a certain card if the player does not like the numbers, but such frills cannot find in RTG Roaring Twenties Bingo. Due to the large number of cards and draws two sets of up and down keys are given for setting these parameters. The outer set changes the number in tens and the inner set in units. This is a helpful facility. If the player wants 44 cards he does not have to click the up key 44 times. He clicks the outer up key 4 times and the inner up key 4 times and he is complete. The total that the live casino Malaysia player can wager per card varies from RM0.01 to RM5.00. In online casino Malaysia, RTG Roaring Twenties is based on the 90 ball bingo format. The cards have 25 numbers randomly chosen and form in a 5 x 5 matrix. In fact there are 91 balls – 90 balls bearing the normal numbers and one wild ball. When the wild ball is drawn the middle number on the card is no doubt to hit. 48 balls are drawn in amount. One additional feature available in online casino Malaysia RTG Roaring Twenties Bingo is the Extra Ball Replay. It has to be trigger before the main game is begin. It doubles the first bet and given five extra balls, making the total number of balls drawn same to 53. The payouts are made as per the original bet per card. The benefits is that the extra five balls more chances of completing a pay table pattern. However, there are three progressive jackpots available in RTG Roaring Twenties Bingo. The Maxi Progressive Jackpot pays out if all 25 numbers on the card are bet. Let says the multiple cards with all numbers hit the Maxi Progressive Jackpot pays for only one card. The Major and Minor Jackpots are like the irregular jackpots of the RTG Real Series Slots. They can bet randomly after any draw.

Highway King

Online Casinos and their Game Spread


Some online gaming software providers offer more than 400 games in Malaysia casino websites. Whereas other software providers offer only about 60 online casino games. How crucial is this difference in game spread? Should new players automatically sign up at one of the online casinos that offer a significantly larger number of games? These questions must be in the minds of new players and this article endeavors to provide some answers. The first thing to understand is that why does this difference in game spread arise. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that some online gaming software providers have been around for a much longer time than others. Microgaming has been providing online casino software for well over a decade. Rival Gaming is only a few years old. This historical basis partly accounts for the difference in the number of games. The second reason is that Microgaming has been adding three to four games per month, month after month for many years. Rival Gaming on the other hand has been adding games only sporadically. A new player who joins up at Malaysia casino wensites today is unlikely to play all the over 400 games on offer. The number is far too vast. Everyone will have their likes and dislikes. For example if a new player tries out a fruit machine slot game and does not like it he will give the other fruit machines a wide berth. However some players will like fruit machines and will play all the fruit machines, other players will like scratch cards and play all the scratch card games and yet others may like games based on casino poker. Hence the importance does not lie in the 400 games, but in the variety offered in the 400 games. One can argue that the more the number of games the greater will be the variety on offer. This is true to some extent but not completely true. More important is the rate of addition of new games. Though some online casino games attain a sort of eternal status, most games have a high obsolescence rate. Players tire of playing the same game again and again. Innovations in new games also hurry up the fading away of older games. For example online slots today without a bonus game on the second screen would generally be unattractive. Hence there would be few takers for the older slots without this feature. Therefore online gaming software providers who add more games regularly are bound to keep players more interested. One factor that new players must keep in mind is that the direct competition in the online gaming industry is decreasing and there is greater fragmentation with different online gaming software providers trying to establish niche markets.

How to Play Slots

How to Play Slots

For those who are new to online slots Malaysia are always stuck at the starting points. They are easy to learn and have the possible to pay out large amounts of cash. This is what makes them famous with seasoned gamblers. But, nowadays there are a lot of options to the players when it comes to slots. Do you choose classic slots or five reel video slots? Bonus slots or progressives? When you start playing online slots Malaysia, or casino slots, you might not be aware that there are some customizable choices that will tailor the slots experience to you.

To know how some of the slots options can be customized to your selection might help you enjoy the experience more. It can be even let you to play online more oftenly, ensuring you are not taking up too much time or bothering others around you. No matter when you are playing a new slots game online, take some time to naturalize yourself with the various possible choices you have so you can choose the settings that are most suitable for you. For those serious slots player, you can multi task if you so select to the slots. The way you do this is to use the auto play settings. You can choose to play with some number of spins or to bet a certain amount. Then all you have to do is sit back for some hands-free slots enjoyment. This is awesome for someone who has to do things around the house, work or just surf the Internet while playing. You don’t have to hit “spin” every time, only when your fixed spins have run out. On the other hand, there are many online slots Malaysia these days having multiple creed and you get to choose how much each coin is worth. With classic slots of three reels and a single pay line regularly the only other betting option you have is how many coins per spin you will bet. Commonly this is between one and three coins but this can sometimes vary.

However with five or more reels and multi pay line features being on video slots, there are more choices for you have when you play those games. You can pick how many pay lines you will bet on and how many coins you will bet per pay line. Online slots Malaysia will remember your preferences through to the next spin so you do not have to change them with each spin.

The great blue slot- The main features

Summary: This new article will reveal some main features of the Great Blue free slot that you should know before playing this slot game.

  1. Cards And Symbols:

The Great Blue free slot includes 13 symbols from the 9 to ace cards, a turtle, and a shark and a scatter will be able to trigger free spins and stack wilds on all the reels. There are 25 paylines and 5 reels in this slot game. The max bet you can be awarded from this slot game is 10,000 times your line bet.

  1. Settings And Graphics:

The graphics of the Great Blue free slot are simple as it may be one of the first games produced by Playtech. The background music goes over again until you feel like you get stuck. Although this free slot game has some drawbacks, it is still one of the most widely played slots at online casinos. The coin value is 0.02 or 0.05, and the line bet ranges from 1 to 10 coins in each spin. The max bet will be calculated: total bet = coin value x line bet x active lines (even up to 25).

  1. Free Spins:

Free spin is one of the basic bonus features in the Great Blue free slot game and it can be an appealing feature that you can take advantage of. If you get 3 or even more oyster and pearl scatter symbols, you can trigger free spins in this bonus round, and after that, you can start playing with 8 free spins x2. In the Great Blue free slot game, you can enjoy the lighter blue waters, sandy coral reefs as well as Hawaiian music. When you enter the Great Blue free slot, you will be awarded 8 free spins with 2x multiplier automatically. Moreover, In order to start playing, you have to collect 5 pink seashells. And then you will choose 2 up to 33 free spins along with 15x multiplier. The number of free spins and multipliers tends to be equal out. Nonetheless, the chance to get big winning in this game is so high. This is due to the fact that you can get more free spins up to 33 by taking 2 out of 5 seashells available and with x15 multiplier, you can have more chance to win in this slot game. Besides, you can get more free spins from a countless source during the game round by placing 3 or more scatter symbols which indefinitely occur on the screen.

  1. Stacked Wild Cards:

The wild cards are whale symbols, which are stacked at any time on all the reels instead of any symbols that have effect in saving scatter pearl cards. The fact is that the stacked wild cards can increase your chance of winning, especially if a wild card participates in creating a payline, it will offer you a chance to get double winnings on an active payline.

  1. Double Winning Spins

Great Blue free slot will offer you a chance to make double winning spins if the card that you choose is black or red. It is really good when you take advantage of this feature. This does not mean that you need to risk a big payout, simply you get the double small winning until they can cover the starting bet. Finally, remember that it is limited to $2000.

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